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Pride in ownership and peace of mind


Alice, age 75, has owned the same home for 27 years and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. She has prided herself on living within her social security income of $2,350, but she is growing concerned about the rising cost of living. With the increased costs of necessities, a consistent increase on her property tax bill year over year, and the inevitable maintenance that will be needed on her property, she is struggling to envision how she will continue to afford her retirement.

Reverse Mortgage as a Solution:

Home Value


Lump Sum Paid at Closing


Starting Line of Credit


Line of Credit Growth - Year 5


Line of Credit Growth - Year 10


Line of Credit Growth - Year 15

The line of credit grows 0.5% above the interest rate, which increases the borrower’s capacity to borrow more home equity over time.
Alice has consistently seen her property value appreciate over the years. She realizes that accessing additional housing wealth while the market is up will let her unlock the equity she has earned over time. Alice is relieved to know that she can now utilize her home’s equity whenever she needs it. What she doesn’t use will continue to act as a growing line of credit. All of these protections allow her to meet her immediate needs while also helping her to save additional funds for future needs like in-home care or retrofitting her house if her mobility decreases. Alice has achieved peace of mind and is confident she can remain independent by using a reverse mortgage as a solution for today and for tomorrow.
Illustration is for educational purposes only and reflects an initial interest rate of 6.335% and expected interest rate of 5.125%. Closing costs of $17,570 (allocated to $9,000 for Mortgage Insurance Premium, origination fee of $6,000, and other costs $2,445). Rate quote generated on 7/12/2022.
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