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Living the retirement they deserve


William and Jane, aged 68 and 66, retired about two years ago. They live on their social security and pension income. They do have some retirement savings that they consider for emergency use only. They like where they are living, but they want to make the most of retirement by traveling to see all of the places they have talked about over the years and to visit their children scattered across several states.
While their monthly income meets their needs, they still have nine years of mortgage payments left and want to start their travels now without dipping into their emergency fund. By using a reverse mortgage, they are able to eliminate their monthly mortgage payment and establish a line of credit.

Eliminate Monthly Payments

By using a reverse mortgage, they were able to eliminate their monthly mortgage payment and pay off high-interest credit card debt. The reverse mortgage freed up the use of their existing funds to travel and truly celebrate their retirement without the burden of unnecessary worry.

A Growing Travel Budget

In addition to the benefit of their carefree travels, William and Jane were also able to establish a line of credit through their reverse mortgage that grows over time. Instead of depleting emergency resources, they are actually building their retirement savings.
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