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Revolutionize your business and your client’s retirement.

If you are one of the following industry professionals who works with clients aged 55 and over, you have an opportunity to build your business while also significantly benefiting the lives of your clients through gaining an understanding of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) or Reverse Mortgage. By offering this unique financing option, you can set yourself apart as a knowledgeable professional who can help your clients build their ideal retirement.
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Real Estate Professionals
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CPA’s & Tax Professionals
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Financial Planners & Advisors
Help your clients purchaser their dream home and preserve their retirement assets. By educating your clients about the benefits of a reverse mortgage, you can increase your sales and provide them with a solution that truly meets their needs.

Some of the key benefits of reverse mortgages to share with your clients:

Extra funds
Reverse mortgages can provide extra funds to increase purchasing power and finance a portion of the down payment.
No monthly mortgage payments
Homeowners can sell their existing homes and use a reverse mortgage to buy a more suitable home, without having to worry about monthly mortgage payments*.
Line of credit:
Reverse mortgages offer the opportunity to create a line of credit as part of the financing option, which can be used to cover unexpected expenses or to improve their quality of life during retirement.
The reverse mortgage is quickly becoming the first choice for many qualifying homeowners. With over a decade of continuous home appreciation and now rising inflation, many are implementing the use of home equity as a key component to their retirement strategy. By considering home equity its own asset class, you can proactively solve for several challenges your clients may encounter during retirement.
I would love to connect with you to help your clients get the most from their retirement. Please contact me.
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Let's connect so we can work together to create your client's ideal retirement.

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Accessing Your Home Equity is Simple and Easy.

Joyce Hanson

Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS# 185180
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